Our Nation’s Immune System is Electronic

Shot of Prevention

This guest post has been written by Jessica Orwig of Scientific Technologies Corporation to highlight the importance of Immunization Information Systems

When our body is infected with a virus or bacterium, our immune system will identify, target and often prevent the invading organism from flourishing and making us ill. While our biological immune system fights off infections to keep us healthy, our nation is also defending against disease outbreaks and keeping us as a population protected. Our nation’s immune system, however, is not biologic, it is electronic and it has a name: Immunization Information System (IIS).

Like arteries that carry disease-fighting cells throughout our bodies, a series of electronic networks in each state feeds information into their IIS.  Each state has its own privacy-protected IIS, which includes names, locations and vaccine history for most of the state’s population. Two primary healthcare groups have access to and use this information in…

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