The Importance of Community in Higher Education

UC Davis Chemistry club at Picnic DayThis is an excellent perspective from an academic advisor on the benefits of participating in your college community.

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I have spoken before about tips and tricks that students could use academically to set themselves up for success in the classroom as well as in the “real world”. What I have neglected here is my belief in the importance of finding your community within the institution. I think that not only are the courses you take important in terms of preparing for the future, but the interaction with fellow students with similar goals and interests develops several soft skills as well as giving you a greater appreciation of your journey in higher ed. The following are a couple tips in terms of how you can go about and benefit from interacting with your institution.

1. Join a group: This is a no brainer, but find a group whether focused on you academic area or around an interest, and get involved. Take a leadership position. This not only let’s…

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  1. yes, its of vital importance cause at higher level your personality and interaction with various groups and people matters.

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