The Most Effective Way to Read a Textbook

Despite being such an important activity, reading textbooks is slow, boring and a very laborious process. And since it’s usually a drag, you may tend to space out while you read, and eventually forget a lot of what you had just read.

Reading Textbooks

Here are a few tips from us that you could use, to ensure that you get the most for the time you spend reading your textbook.

1. Don’t focus on speed, comprehension is more important!

One of the biggest mistakes that students tend to make while reading, is to focus on finishing specific amount of reading material within a pre-specified duration. For example, I’m sure you always set your reading goals, of finish reading a chapter in the next 1 hour. This may have proven useful in school, since the amount of reading material used may be lesser, and much less complicated. So even if you forget something, you can go back and read the entire text again, till you finally get a grasp on things. However in college, the set of readings that you’re required to do is considerably higher. And if you’re not intelligent about how you read, you may either not get any work done, or end up spending your entire college life reading. While reading textbooks, it’s important to understand that comprehension is vital, and is more important than how fast you can complete your reading. What use would it be, if you completed your reading, but don’t have the complete idea what the text is trying to convey? So it’s very important to understand what you’re reading. And also be able to judge and allocate time according to the subject material you are reading.

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