The iAMSTEM Hub at the 2014 NSTA Conference

The annual National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Conference was held in Boston this year from April 3rd to the 6th. The National NSTA Conference provides science educators the opportunity to learn about the latest trends in science content and teaching strategies while advancing their professional growth and learning.

The SBCE team with national teacher testers

The SBCE team with national teacher testers

A small group from the iAMSTEM Hub attended this year’s conference to present the work they have done with SBCE (Science, Biostatistics & Cancer Education), a project funded by the NIH’s Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA).

Through the development of applied case studies and web-based teaching modules, SBCE provides high school students with the opportunity to gather and analyze real-world data, engaging them in complex issues related to cancer, health, and science.

The group consisted of SBCE’s core development team: Amy Falk Smith, PhD, Project Manager, Alisa Lee, Education Program Manager, Alberto Guzman-Alvarez, Evaluation Analyst, and Matt Steinwachs, Lead Programmer.

SeeIt Distribution Graph

SeeIt Distribution Graph

Their presentation, From Data Visualization to Argument: Tools for Lifelong Science Literacy, introduced teachers to the SBCE project and SeeIt, the data analysis tool they developed.  SeeIt is a web-based data visualization and manipulation program that allows students to analyze and compare distributions, make statistical inferences using resampling techniques, and analyze bivariate data displayed in scatterplots.

Amy Falk Smith presenting at the 2014 NSTA conference

Amy Falk Smith presenting at the 2014 NSTA conference

Three teachers currently testing the program attended the conference and provided valuable and positive feedback. After the SBCE team led an activity of collecting and inputting data followed by a demonstration of SeeIt’s capabilities, four new teachers committed to testing the program in their classrooms. The participation of these new teacher testers is instrumental in growing the SBCE project to a national level.

To learn more about the program visit

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