SBCE wins competition for best new STEW Lesson

Months of hard work paid off for Alberto Guzman-Alvarez, Evaluation Analyst for the iAMSTEM Hub, when his lesson plan “Now You SeeIt, Now You Don’t: Using SeeIt to Compare Stacked Dotplots to Boxplots” won first place in the high school division of the Competition for Best New STatistics Education Web (STEW) Lesson Plan.

STatistics Education Web LogoThe STatistics Education Web (STEW) is an education resource for K-12 math and science teachers. As part of the American Statistical Association (ASA), STEW aims to improve statistics education by providing peer-reviewed teaching materials and suggested activities for teachers to implement in their classrooms. Through their peer-reviewed lesson plan competitions, STEW is able to gather and standardize teaching materials for use by educators around the world at the K-12 level. Winners of the competition have their lesson plans published in STEW’s online journal of statistics education resources.

Alberto’s lesson plan is part of the dissemination program of the Science, Biostatistics and Cancer Education (SBCE) program developed by members of the iAMSTEM Hub team and funded by the NIH’s Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA). Through the development of applied case studies and web-based teaching modules, SBCE provides high school students with the opportunity to gather and analyze real-world data, engaging them in complex issues related to cancer, health, and science.


Normal distribution stacked dotplot superimposed with a corresponding boxplot.

With the help of his mentor Rafael Diaz, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Sacramento State University, Alberto created a lesson plan that will help students be able to enhance their individual-case view with an aggregate-view of data by using a free online visualization tool (SeeIt) that allows them to gradually transition from stacked dotplots (individual-case view) to boxplots (aggregate-view). Students will also be instructed on the advantages that boxplots have over stacked dotplots. This activity also intends to introduce students to a not-so-trivial, but important statistical analysis skill, which consists of recognizing statistical features of datasets as properties of their aggregated, and not of their individual, elements.

The lesson plan is currently in the revision process and will soon be available at This is the first of many lesson plans the SBCE hopes to contribute to STEW.

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