Thoughts on Education as an Almost-Grad

Written by Korena for her blog, Staying Simple.

I would often ask myself this question: Why do the majority of high school students decide to go to college upon graduation? Subsequently, I would ask myself why I made the decision. Based on my personal experience, the only answer I could come up with was: Because society told me to. Society told me that I need to get a job to survive and society told me that the only way to secure such a job is by going to college. In a way, the higher education system has become intertwined into one of the invisible social structures that we always talk about. College is trendy… We can’t deny it.

As a result, I think a lot of students take for granted their experiences with higher education because they become so obsessed with the end-result.  Eager freshman morph into zombies who work day and night writing that paper, studying for that exam and finalizing that presentation. Class, library, bed. Class, library, bed. Class, library, bed and soon everyone is just going through the motions to get that “A.” But why? Society told us to.

Society does not understand though and now, I do.

Through my education I have learned the value of learning in itself. I’ve stopped trying to prove that everything I have learned will directly contribute to my success (hopefully) as a future professional: Understanding the difference between moral absolutism and cultural relativism will not make a difference when that brain surgeon is performing on her patient. Knowing whether or not the limit exists in the function probably won’t profit that big-time Athletic Director. T.S. Eliot might not help me when I am facing a crisis as a communicator. That doesn’t make higher-education any less valuable though.

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