iAMSTEM Hub Student Assistants Present at the 25th Annual UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference

URC-2014-posterThree of the iAMSTEM Hub’s undergraduate student assistants participated in the poster session at the 25th Annual Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities Conference at UC Davis on Friday April 25th. The conference recognizes the academic achievement of undergraduates in all academic fields at UC Davis while providing valuable experience in presenting their research.

Jagdish Majju and Luis Rodriguez Sainz submitted research resulting from projects administered by the iAMSTEM Hub and were both competitively selected to present at the poster session. Tiffany Ho was also selected to present the research she conducted at the UC Davis CORF genetics lab. The free event, held at Freeborn Hall on the UC Davis campus, gathered together members of the public, current and prospective students with their families, and UC Davis campus leaders including the chancellor, deans, department chairs, and faculty. Conference-goers mingled with student presenters asking questions about their posters, granting the students the opportunity to exhibit their work in a professional setting and further develop their networking and communication skills.

Poster by Jagdish Majju

Poster by Jagdish Majju

Jagdish’s poster, Preventing the “Transfer Shock”: Qualitative Analysis of an Intensive Internship Program for STEM Transfer Students, presentedher qualitative assessment of common motifs in personal statements provided by transfer students in the Community College Winter Research Program (CC Winter) taught by Ana M Corbacho, PhD, associate director of higher education for the iAMSTEM Hub. She found that academic motivation was present in the transfer students and that they found the program helpful, giving Ana impetus to continue the program.

Skew Illustration from SBCE Teaching Module

Skew Illustration from SBCE Teaching Module

Luis presented an analysis of data collected by SBCE in his poster, Miscues in Skew: Tackling Misconceptions in Graphical Analysis Using Bio-Statistics Curriculum Modules. SBCE provides high school educators with teaching modules that introduce their students to bio statistics. Luis found that after learning the modules students showed statistically significant improvement in identifying skew, reducing their misconceptions and increasing their ability to make evidence-based conclusions about data visualizations.

The iAMSTEM Hub team recommended these students participate in the conference in order to fully engage them with the data they have been working on while also preparing them for further study. The learning experience of presenting at the poster session gives undergraduates like Jagdish, Luis, and Tiffany important skills that will help advance their academic and professional careers. The conference was sponsored by Undergraduate Education and the Division of Student Affairs.


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