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The Most Important Higher Ed Story of 2015

Inside Higher Ed has called last month’s New York Times article highlighting the experimental approaches being taken to improve student success in introductory STEM courses at UC Davis ‘The Most Important Higher Ed Story of 2015.’ Written by Joshua Kim The most important higher education story of 2015 will, ironically, be a story published at […]

Colleges Reinvent Classes to Keep More Students in Science

For his article for The New York Times, reporter Richard Pérez-Peña visited UC Davis to observe the experimental approaches being taken to improve student success in introductory STEM courses. He spent the day with Catherine Uvarov, a chemistry instructor at UC Davis who has been working with Hub Director and Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Marco […]

Students and social media

Social climbers

Implementing Facebook, Twitter and other social media in higher education isn’t as simple as it seems, as Luke Evans discovers. Posted by Rebecca Paddick on University Business. Back in February 2010, a blog called Three Word Chant stumbled across an article from the 27 February 1995 issue of Newsweek. The article, entitled ‘Why the Web […]

Chasing The Elusive ‘Quality’ In Online Education

Education technology and MOOCs took the traditional format of lectures and translated them into easily accessible and wildly popular online forums. While low completion rates draw criticism and bring the quality of online courses into question, higher education institutions must find new ways to identify and measure quality while improving the effectiveness of online learning. In the following […]

21 Ways to Check for Student Understanding

Assessing student understanding can be difficult to do during class. Teaching the material and keeping lesson plans on track takes a lot of focus and  the extra task of regularly checking in with students is an added challenge but it also guarantees an effective educator. Adopting some or all of these strategies will both ensure better […]