Student Videos

Diamonne: Human Development

Diamonne is planning on continuing at UCD for a fifth year. She has job shadowing a pediatrician and is planning on going to graduate school after completing her undergraduate degree. Diamonne participates in NCAA track and field.

Murphy: Viticulture and Enology

Murphy is a second year Viticulture and Enology major. She has done internships with winemakers, taken a study abroad course for winemaking in France, and balances her major with NCAA Track and Field.

Daniel:  Cell Biology

Daniel is a fifth year Cell Biology student who has done lab research in paleo-fish physiology, oceanography and cell biology/genetics. He explored everything from computer science majors to oceanography minors before finally coming back to cell biology. He is thinking about going to graduate school after college.

Everardo: Human Development

Everardo transferred from city college and is currently in his second year at UCD. He faces the additional challenge of balancing his STEM major with an ICA sport.

Krista: Biology

Krista is deciding between Marine Biology and a Neurology, Physiology, and Behavior emphasis. She has completed her first two years and all of her lower division requirements. Her research experience began the spring quarter of her second year and is continuing into the summer while focusing on genetics work.

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