The iAMSTEM Hub team is currently developing several applications to improve evidence-based teaching methodologies. In October of 2014 the iAMSTEM Hub at UC Davis was awarded a Helmsley Charitable Trust Grant to develop Tools for Evidence-based Action (T.E.A.), a learning community dedicated to developing and disseminating tools to collect and visualize student learning data and encouraging instructional change toward improved student outcomes. Learn more about T.E.A.

T.E.A. Tools

General Observation and Reflection Tool (GORP)

GORP is a generic application for recording observations and reflections related to learning activities in the lecture hall, classroom, discussion section, field and/or laboratory.



Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 11.59.26 AM

Ribbon FLOW Visualization

The Ribbon FLOW tool helps to visualize amounts and paths from a starting point to an ending point. This tool can be used to visualize the discipline/major in of a starting cohort of students and the resulting discipline/major out after a specified amount of time.



Other Tools

SeeIt Distribution Graph


SeeIt is a data visualization and manipulation tool that was developed by the SBCE project team. The basic program is divided into three major forms – distributions, correlations, and resampling.

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