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Educational Effectiveness Hub

Launching Educational Effectiveness

From UC Davis Undergraduate Education. July 1, 2015 Today marks the new beginning for Educational Effectiveness at UC Davis.  Under the leadership of Marco Molinaro, Assistant Vice Provost for Educational Effectiveness, the Center for Education in Teaching and Learning and the iAMSTEM Hub are combining their talents and experience toward the shared goals of envisioning […]

Old Boys’ Lab

Where are the women in America’s greatest scientific laboratories? Women in STEM are still plagued by sexist attitudes and traditional gender roles, leading to what many refer to as a “leaky pipeline” in academia. The following article illustrates the fact that scientific fields are still a boy’s club and, while the future can be hopeful for women, […]

Keep your research honest, unbiased, comprehensive, and blind

Originally posted on Sociobiology:
Science cannot advance on fraudulent publications, whether the problems are big or small. We all know the basics of honest research, but there are also things we need to be taught. These are based on understanding our inadvertent tendencies to accept data that support our hypotheses and view data that reject…